A boutique hotel in the heart of Allinge

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Grønbech's Hotel has existed as an inn since the late 19th century and thus carries a proud Bornholm tradition. Today, the hotel and restaurant stand completely renovated to ensure that guests can experience the authentic Bornholm atmosphere in comfortable and luxurious surroundings.

The hotel's gourmet restaurant and 23 rooms are faithfully maintained in the Bornholm atmosphere, taste, and spirit, but with a sense of modern quality and luxury.

Grønbech's Hotel is located in the northern part of the island, right in the middle of Allinge, among the characteristic colorful small houses, and with a view of Allinge Harbor and the beautiful Bornholm cliffs.

The restaurant

At Restaurant Grønbech's Hotel, we offer gourmet food that is based on local and fresh ingredients. The restaurant, which exudes Bornholm coziness and is set in informal surroundings, is open to both the hotel's guests and visitors from outside.

You are also welcome to stop by for a beer from Svaneke Brewery or a glass of rosé and snacks in our cozy bar or in our courtyard.

The hotel

Grønbech's Hotel is a cozy boutique hotel located in the heart of Allinge, with views from the hills down towards Allinge Harbor. No two rooms are the same, so you can always be sure of a unique experience. In all rooms, we have made an effort to create an authentic Bornholm experience – always with modern luxury and convenience.


Grønbechs Hotels 23 værelser er renoveret i 2022 – 2024. Alle værelserne er unikt indrettet med henblik på at skabe en både bornholmsk og hjemlig følelse. Det er vores hensigt at sikre, at gæsterne får en fornemmelse af øens og hotellets historie i samspil med moderne design og komfort.

Discover Bornholm

Bornholm is famous for its stunning nature, including rocky coastlines, forests, lakes, and beautiful beaches. The island provides fantastic opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and swimming. Additionally, Bornholm boasts a rich cultural heritage with numerous museums, galleries, and historical sites. You can delve into the island's art scene, traditional crafts, and archaeological discoveries.

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